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A custom obituary honors your loved one’s contributions to the world 

Do you find yourself shaking your head in disappointment when you see an obituary about someone you know that includes virtually nothing about their fascinating life? You wonder, “Really? All their family could think to include was where they worked and a list of survivors?” 

Everyone’s life is special, and that includes you. Preserving life stories in the form of a custom obituary can be a gift for family members today as well as future generations. Think about the impact your family member made to the world, whether it was in the form of being a great role model, serving as the rock of support for the family, or accomplishments in their career. 

Standard obituaries produced from fill-in-the-blank templates only scratch the surface when it comes to telling a person’s life story. Sure, information such as date of birth, a list of survivors, etc., is important, but that’s not what made the person special. 

Tell me about your loved one 

When someone asks you to describe your family member, what is the first thing that comes out of your mouth? Do you talk about what they did for a living? Or does that come up long after you’ve shared thoughts about what made them a special person? 

My process in writing a creative obituary begins with just such a conversation. I want to get a feeling for the personality and life spirit of the person I’ll be writing about. We talk about things as seemingly insignificant as how they met their spouse, what they did for fun, and what made them memorable. It helps me create a full, well-rounded picture of the person that you would never get from the basic biographical information in a standard obituary. 

I like to say that anyone can write the bottom half of an obituary (usually where the survivors list and notice about the services are located), but where I bring value is in the top half of the piece. That’s where the storytelling aspect of writing a creative obituary comes into play. Families tell me they love it when people tell them, “I didn’t know that about your dad until I read it in that wonderful obituary.” 

Are you ready to do something special to honor your loved one? Your family will appreciate it, whether it is today or years in the future. 

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