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Creative obituaries are more than a listing of jobs and survivors

Producing creative obituaries is a collaborative process between the writer and the family. I rely on you and your family to help with anecdotes and personality descriptions, as well as basic biographical information.

When you click on the order button, you will see a form that asks you to fill in basic information such as the name and contact information for the person with whom I should work in the family, along with some typical information you would find in an obituary.

An interview with you or another designated person is where our process adds value. This is where I learn about the spirit and personality of your loved one (or you!) We’ll schedule an appointment to talk on the phone, and I’ll take notes while we visit.

This is also when we’ll discuss the general tone of the obituary. Should it be a party or something more dignified? Or a combination of both? If possible, it’s easier to have some fun with a creative obituary when we work on it well ahead of a person’s passing or even well after it. We certainly can have some fun with it during a sad time as well, it just may not be where your heart is at.


Putting the creative obituary together

Once I have all the information I need, I will put together a draft of the obituary in a Word document and send it to you via email for your review. You will want to keep the rest of the family in the loop so there are no surprises and everyone can have their say.

Because believe me, everyone will want their say. The good news is this is often where we learn about something that wasn’t discussed in our interview. It could be a humorous story or something about the person’s life that isn’t well-known.

We’ll likely go back and forth several times before the final obituary is approved, and that’s to be expected. If you would like to have me do an audio narration of the obituary and/or produce a video using your photos, we would tackle those projects at this point.

Feel free to contact me prior to ordering, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


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