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The internet allows us to leave a record that will last forever 

We have access to technology today that our ancestors never could have imagined. The Information Age makes it possible for us to produce creative obituaries and videos for the world to see today, and just as importantly, for future generations. 

The biggest challenge for people researching their ancestry is the lack of records more than a couple of generations back. Finding names and dates for these people is one thing; it’s a rare find indeed to see what your ancestors looked like and learn anything about their life, much less who they were as individuals. 

This is where a creative obituary and an accompanying video can really make a difference. Imagine how cool it would be to have access to information like we can produce today for your ancestors of hundreds of years ago. We have the opportunity to create something truly immortal thanks to YouTube, funeral home websites, newspaper websites, and even the website. 

I encourage you to think long-term when it comes to honoring your loved one with a creative obituary. It would be a shame to have your loved one’s essence become lost to history like so many before us. 

In fact, it’s not too late to produce a high-quality obituary and/or video for someone who may have passed away years ago. You still have your memories of that person and maybe some photos. You can post the obituary to your own website, social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube, perhaps the original funeral home that handled the services can update their records, and of course to this website if we work together in creating it. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to leaving an information-filled digital record for today’s obituary readers as well as tomorrow’s family history researchers. 

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