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“I got goosebumps when I read the obituary that Mike wrote about my husband, and I still do. He included details that made Bud special, and people continue to tell me how wonderful they consider that obituary to be.” – Murrie Donovan

“I couldn’t bring myself to read the obituary that Mike wrote about my husband for several years after he passed away. Now I’ve read it many times, and I’m so happy to have this as a memento of such a special man.” – Faye Drankoff


“Michael composed a beautiful obituary for our son, capturing his persona with charm and a dash of humor at a time when we were numb with grief. It still gives us comfort when we read it, as we have done many times.” – Ernie and Mary Scheld


“I asked Mike to write an obituary for my mother. I supplied facts, events, and personal stories, and he used his magical writing skills to create a personalized obituary that will keep my mother’s memory alive in a way that will stand the test of time.” – Kathleen Leadley


“Our mother was quite the character, and Mike was able to craft an obituary that really captured her personality. Even though her passing was a sad event for our family, it felt good to laugh while honoring her life.” – Paul Cibula

“When my mother-in-law unexpectedly passed away, it was difficult to navigate all that needed to be done while our minds were just trying to process what had happened. We wanted to make sure we told the story of her life in a way that would truly encompass the wonderful person she was. We also knew we needed assistance to make sure it was perfect! We called Mike and he immediately jumped into action. We exchanged a few calls and emails, and within a day had a beautifully written obituary. We were so thankful for his help and how easy he made this process. He did a great job honoring a wonderful woman.” – Cassie Lewis-Byers

“Mike’s process and personality could not be a more perfect fit for this personal mission upon which he has embarked. I am not sure how we would have even begun to sit down and write such a profoundly important account of Dad’s life. Instead, we scheduled discussions between Mike and a handful of family and friends that knew Dad best. It is really easy and natural to conversationally talk about who they were, memories and what they meant to you; it is completely another challenge to find the correct words and organize that input into such a meaningfully written short story. All of this seems to come very naturally to Mike, and the entire process is comfortable and cathartic, especially during such an emotional time. Thank you Mike, I appreciate the time you committed to this more than you know.”Darrin Purcell